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Mucolipidosis Type IV (ML4) is a devastating genetic disease affecting children throughout the world. Doctors say that children with ML4 with likely never walk, never talk, have limited mental capacity, go blind by early adolescence, and have limited a lifespan. The mission of the ML4 Foundation is to promote and fund medical research to develop treatments and fund a cure for ML4.

We all “DO” every day. Whether we read a book, go to the gym, or play golf we are always “DOing.” What better way to raise money to find a cure for ML4 than to “DO for ML4?”

Join us in raising money for medical research and create your own fundraiser centered around the things you already DO! It’s easy and fun to ask your friends to support your activities while you support research and DO for ML4!

Here are few examples of how people have raised funds using our easy DO for ML4 platform:

  • Play a marathon round of gold and register sponsors for your foursome

  • Register your regular morning walking program and ask your friends and family to sponsor you for ML4

  • Celebrate your birthday or bar/bat mitzvah through DO for ML4: let your friends and family know that instead of gifts they can send pledges through the DO for ML4 site

  • Learn to play the guitar and ask your social network to sponsor you through DO for ML4

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